I am interested but not sure about joining.

Its free to come and try what we do and unlike 200 years ago, there is no obligation to join. 

How old do I need to be to join?

We accept adults of any age and youth who are at least 12 years old for musicians and 15 years old for private soldiers.

How much does it cost to join?

$40.00 for registration which is only paid upon acceptance into the regiment and covers the costs of administration and insurance.

I am interested in being a drummer. Do you supply the drum?

Yes! We supply the drum, sling, and sticks. We even provide free lessons and all you need is to have a set of practice sticks and a pad.

How much do the activities cost?

Other than uniforms and equipment, the cost to participate in most activities is minimal to none. For the optional events that are located farther away the estimated costs are provided in advance and attendance is not mandatory.

Do you have a uniform program for youth?

Yes! We have a program that provides uniforms and equipment at no cost to eligible youth. These items are on loan and must be returned on leaving the program. Please see our youth program: Young Interpreters Program 2016.

What is the time commitment?

We understand that work, school, and family are everyone’s first priorities and ask that you attend training days and events as often as you can. Depending on your interests, certain roles in the regiment have higher time requirements than others.

I am not located close to Ottawa. Can I still join?

To be part of the regiment you need to be able to attend training days and events on a regular basis. If you are able to meet that requirement then you are welcome to apply.

I have long hair. Do I have to cut it short?

No. Soldiers of the time had longer hair than what we see in today's military. The British Army of the time had only recently removed the requirement for soldiers to have very long hair which they kept in certain styles depending on the regiment's prefered method.

While in uniform, you will however be required to keep your long hair in one of the approved styles of the time.

I have coloured hair and visible piercings. Can I keep them?

No visible piercings and only natural coloured hair is permitted.

Do you allow women in the ranks as a soldier?

Yes! Women are expected to wear the uniform in the correct manner and make every attempt to conceal their gender during public hours.

When and where are training days held?

The regiment holds training days on either Wednesday or Thursday nights 7pm to 9pm or Saturday afternoons 1pm to 4pm from February to the end of November except for when holidays or events fall within a few days. Training usually last between two to four hours and may not always be in the same place. We arrange lifts when they are held in less accessible locations.

Can I use my participation towards the volunteer hours I need to graduate from high school?

Yes! Some of the regiment's activities can be used towards your required volunteer hours.

Do I need insurance?

Most museums and heritage sites require liability insurance to be held by anyone putting on a musket display for the public and the cost of liability insurance is included in your registration fee.

How much do we get paid for this?

During September to May, everyone is a volunteer and no one should expect to get paid. On occasion some events may cover some minor costs or even make a donation to the regiment but that is more the exception than the rule.

From approximately June to August there may be paid positions available for students aged 15 to 30. Available positions are 30 hours a week and you are expected to work Thursday to Sunday. Students who volunteer during the fall to spring have a definite advantage when competing for paid positions.


How do I get promoted?

First you will need to attend training and gain experience. There are a limited number of positions of rank available and these are based on the total number of members. When a vacancy opens, you will have the opportunity to apply for the position if you meet the prerequisites.

How hard is it to learn the drill? Should I have some military experience?

Military experience is not required. Learning the drill requires some effort but is not difficult or complicated with most of the drill being in many ways similar to what is used today.

Do I get to fire a musket?

Yes! To fire a musket you must have completed the required safety and handling training that is provided.

Can my family attend events?

Your family is always welcome to come and watch you during events.

How much do I need to know about the history of the period or regiment?

While it is definitely a plus to know about the history before starting, the regiment will provide you with a great deal of information so that you will be comfortable in your role.

What equipment do I need?

You do not require anything to start. You will only order your uniform after you have completed the first phase of training. The rest of the items can be ordered over time and a list will be provided during training.

Where do I buy the uniform and equipment?

All necessary items can be had through the regiment’s Quarter-Master and you should avoid buying anything online or from other re-enactors before discussing it with your NCO.

How much does the uniform cost?

The majority of the cost like many hobbies or sports that you may enjoy is all in the uniform and equipment. The regiment has worked with suppliers to ensure the lowest possible prices for what you will need.

Depending on your level of involvement you can expect to spend at least $350.00 on the basic uniform. The most costly single items are the musket and regimental coatee which are not required immediately and can be purchased over time.

What do I need to purchase and fire a musket?

The musket used by the regiment is what is known as the 3rd model Land Pattern (East India Company) Musket or by its nickname of Brown Bess. In Canada, you do not need a firearms license to purchase a musket. Once you have completed the appropriate training you will be allowed to carry and fire a musket in ranks. Besides the musket, you will need flints and black powder. These items are made available through the regiment. Before buying anything online or from other re-enactors, you should discuss with your NCO.