On November 25th, members of the 100th Regiment were on hand at the Canadian War Museum in support of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Archaeology Society.

Dr. Ronald F. Williamson gave a lecture on 'Pain, Suffering and Death at Snake Hill'.

"The Snake Hill military cemetery was established during the American occupation of Old Fort Erie in 1814. Historical research and scientific analyses of the remains have resulted in a remarkably detailed picture of life and death during the War of 1812, especially of the pain and suffering experienced by the American casualties of the Siege of Fort Erie."

In 1814, members of the 100th Regiment were in the fort's garrison prior to the Battle of Chippewa and were also present during the siege.

As an interesting note, Dr. Williamson mentioned that during excavation, a 100th Regiment button was found in the pocket of one of the American burials.

A quick picture before opening with (l to r) Serjeant Sinka, Ian Badgley (NCC Archeologist), Dr. Ronald F. Williamson, Private Racette 

Photo 100th Regt.